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Don't count the 1st 15 minutes of your workouts, just start, then decide if you will continue. The hardest part of exercise is getting started. It can be tough to motivate yourself for 45 minutes or more  of cardio or weights because sometimes all we can think about is the to do list or all the people in our lives that require our attention. If you can set yourself up to do just 15 minutes of fitness, you will find  that you will say, "well I am warmed up now, might as well do a few more minutes". 

Having no time, has always been used as a challenge to being active. Even before the internet, I phones,I pads, Blacberry's, or coffee shop, people never had time to exercise. Let's face it, most people do not associate exercise with pleasure.  So making time for perceived pain is low on the list of priorities. 

Try to think of all the benefits that you will recieve, instead of the perceived pain and start with only 15 minutes a day of exercise.  Before you know it, you will be dedicated and motivated to make time in your busy week to receive all the great benefits of leading an active and healthy lifesytyle.



My trainer would come to my house at 6:00 in the morning, before school, and whip me into shape; always with a cheerful and motivating attitude!  That is what I most like:  No matter how early it is, or how tired I am, he always manages to motivate me and challenge me to work harder.


As I stand on the threshold of official Old Age, I feel no apprehension whatsoever.  My life is full, and with my trainer’s positive and gentle motivational style, I have achieved more successful results than I believed I ever could.  


I hired Home Fitness for Real People because I needed help to lose 20 pounds that I had put on following an illness.  I needed a personal trainer who was certified professionally and knew how to design a program that was both safe and effective.  Each morning session, we did a combination of weight training and cardio, and between workouts, our personal trainer also helped me to manage my diet.


I began my online fitness training with Home Fitness for Real People, and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I was immediately introduced to food management, (E.L.M.O.*), and new exercise routines.  I took these very seriously and worked hard to merge them with my schedule.  I have tried many, many times in the past to lose weight, and the longest attempt was a month or two.  However, I soon learned that it was not just about losing weight but about feeling good about myself, as well as just being fit.  

* Eat less more often


As a man in my late fifties, the program from Home Fitness for Real People has helped me to lose weight, keep fit, and keep my blood pressure down.  By changing my exercises on a regular basis, I don’t get bored.  My home fitness coach tailored my program to keep me fit for my passion for downhill skiing.  It's sensible and works for me.  I would recommend Wendall’s program to anyone.


Thank you for helping me on the road to better health and fitness.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without your help.


My cholesterol levels are normal now.  I want to thank you for your advice and support.  It has been a challenging three years for me, and I think one of the reasons it was so difficult was the seemingly lack of support.  I am really proud of what I have accomplished with your help.


This is to thank you for introducing me to a better way to fitness and well being through your program.  I enjoyed the benefits from day one.  The knowledge I have picked up along the way continues to serve me well.  What is more is that your approach fits my needs exactly and got me moving in the right direction at my pace.  You are to be congratulated, not only for creating a valuable teaching tool, but for the contribution it has made, and will continue to make, to the health and well-being of those who use it.