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Our Home Fitness Coaches: Helping Real People Get Fit

Meet some of our home fitness coaches.  They’re all certified to give you Home Fitness for Real People. 


I hold Canfitpro certification, YMCA certification, and a holistic nutrition diploma from Transformational Arts College.

My name is Gina Backs, I have spent my life involved in fitness and health. My passion truly is health and wellness with a soft spot for nutrition. I believe food can make or break our bodies so it is important to treat our bodies like temples. Regular exercise and a healthy diet have been the benchmarks that have kept me happy and healthy.

I have helped many people who were committed to change make the appropriate lifestyle changes through diet and exercise in order for them to reach their goals.  

Our Ambassadors
All of us here are always available to answer your questions about Home Fitness for Real People.  But sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone who has already completed one of our home programs. If you’d like a referral, we’ll connect you to a real client who has become one of our home fitness ambassadors.