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This Is Where You Take the First Step To Changing Your Life

If you’ve made it to this page, then you’re at least intrigued about starting a fitness and nutrition plan.  We’re here to show our exciting options. 

Unlike other fitness companies, Home Fitness for Real People isn’t just a collection of trainers.  Our company is a source of certified home fitness coaches who train and educate you on how to accomplish your fitness goals, all while you maintain a normal life.

Benefits of Being a Client of Home Fitness for Real People

  • Looking Great:  You lose weight the REAL way, and you lose it for good—without going on a diet or eating packaged meals.
  • Staying Motivated: You get motivated by your home fitness coach who makes fitness fun and easy.  You’ll stay motivated to maintain real results without having to work out for hours at a time.
  • Living Life to the Fullest:  You achieve passion, energy, and confidence in your life.  With all those things integrated into who you are, you can accomplish anything.

An Invitation from Our Owner
My trainers and I will take away all the myths about exercise and weight training and show how you can have a fitness and nutrition program that fits your normal life.  It’s my passion to get you in shape with very little equipment and with a realistic investment of time. —Wendall Hughes, founder, owner, and operator of Home Fitness for Real People