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Each member of the team at Home Fitness for Real People is dedicated to seeing you attain the success you want.  Results are measured according to a scorecard you create.  When you begin your home fitness program, your home fitness coach records your measurements and the indicators of your fitness level at that time.  Weekly and monthly, your home fitness trainer measures you again and then produces our exclusive Real Results Progress Report.  It’s used as a basis for reviewing your progress.  We feel confident you’ll see noticeable results after 30 days. 

Many of our clients love our programs so much that they renew so they can get continuing progress with continuing support.  Ask us about other options for getting the help you need after you’ve completed one of our home programs.  


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Lessons begin every day.  You don’t need to wait to get started.  Call 613-422-1991 or e-mail us to ask for a free in-home consultation and a review of our instructional materials.