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Preparing for Success

First, we ask you to do these three things:

  • Establish your goals
  • Commit to your chosen action plan
  • Define the purpose that will keep you motivated

 Second, we’ll ask you to organize a few simple tools.  This is all you need: 

  • Exercise ball
  • Exercise mat
  • Light weights
  • Athletic shoes
  • Space for exercising in your home. 

Many of our clients already have home exercise equipment, such as a set of weights or a treadmill.  Your home fitness coach will most likely incorporate your current equipment into your new fitness regime, showing you how to make the most of it.

Third, your personal trainer will assess the evaluation you completed and your starting measurements and fitness level.  As part of that evaluation, you may take before photos of yourself that can later be compared with after photos. 

Fourth, you and your home fitness coach will both agree on the days and times for your home fitness lessons.  Our trainers work throughout the day, from early morning and into the evening.  Weekend sessions are also available.