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Get Real Results
For Real People

Real Fitness Results are Within Your Reach

No more excuses. We will show up and we will teach you these lessons:

  • How to set goals and stay motivated.
  • How to follow a nutrition program with real food; no diets are necessary.
  • How to train with weights safely and effectively.
  • How to build up your cardiovascular conditioning without injury or loss of motivation.

Real Home Fitness Programs

Whether you want one, two or three home sessions a week, all of our fitness programs include:

  • strength training
  • cardiovascular conditioning
  • nutritional counseling and
  • improving self-motivation

A three month minimum commitment Is recommended. We offer one trial lesson free (within Ottawa City limits).

All of our personal fitness trainers are certified and experienced.

Free In-home Consultation

Call 613-422-1991 or email us today for a free in-home fitness consultation and a review of our instructional materials. (Within Ottawa city limits.) See how you can benefit from our approach to home fitness training.