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Details, Fine Print, and Unanswered Questions

On this page, we try to clarify what we’re all about.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask one of our home fitness coaches, give us a call, or send us an e-mail.

Do I need any fitness equipment to start?

We recommend that you have an exercise ball, a good pair of walking shoes, and some free weights.  We will also work with whatever equipment you already have in your home.

Where do I purchase home fitness equipment?

We suggest that you look for home fitness equipment at Fitness Depot, Fitness Equipment of Ottawa, Canadian Tire, and even Walmart!

How would I benefit from a trainer?

A trainer is a coach who designs fitness programs for you and motivates you to stay on track by being accountable!

A trainer helps you to find ways around challenges that prevent busy people like you from being active.

A trainer inspires and educates you toward your health and fitness goals.

A trainer helps you to get past the plateaus in your current program so you can achieve better results!

I am so busy! How do I find time to exercise?

You can easily find time when your priority and reward is being active and healthy. Our trainers help you step by step to implement small changes each week that easily fit your very busy lifestyle.

Do you provide diets?

We do not believe in diets: In the long run, diets rarely work. However, we do offer nutritional counselling and ideas for meal planning and preparation that will match your goals. All of our programs offer weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutritional education.

Can you train more than one person at a time?

Yes, we can train up to three clients at once in a home. Where space and equipment are available, we can even train small groups.

How long are the home work-outs?

Most home lessons last approximately 50 minutes.

Can you come to my work or gym to train me?

Yes, as long as we have permission from your work or gym.

How will you measure progress?

We have several ways to measure progress, and we give weekly and monthly progress reports to ensure client satisfaction.

How much does it cost?

Our home lessons average $75.00 a lesson. We offer packages with pricing that includes e-mail and telephone support along with our exclusive home manual to help to keep you on track!

Do you offer programs for special needs people, seniors, or teenagers?

Yes, we do, although each situation is unique.  Before we begin, we evaluate the goals and challenges of each special needs client so that we can ensure success.

How do I begin?

By calling us at 613-422-1992 or by e-mailing directly.  When you reach us, we’ll talk with you about how we can help you to get started. 

In many cases, we offer a free in-home consultation to answer all of your questions and evaluate your home equipment!